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Who we are and how you can benefit from us

Essay For Me is the industry leader in providing custom-writing services for English-speaking students. We specialise in writing essays, reviews, term papers, dissertations, non-standard papers, etc. and are dedicated to helping students like you to achieve their academic goals. As many learners struggle to find the time to complete their assigned projects, we provide the expert writing help they need. With years of our proven experience in the custom-writing market, we can guarantee to help you meet your academic needs to ensure your success.

More about our guarantees

- All pieces are custom-written, i.e. when you order with, be sure to get all the information, ideas, insights, arguments, writing style and organisation arranged to meet your specific requirements.

- We deliver high quality – well researched, well written, no plagiarism – papers.

- For whatever reason you may not be happy with the draft that was delivered, or you just want the writer to amend something for you, after you receive your product, you’ll have 14 days to request a revision. Just include exact details of how you would like your paper to be amended and ensure your revision instructions fall in line with the original ones.

- We are aware of the fact that one of the reasons that might lead you to ordering papers in the Internet is to meet your deadline. As such, we guarantee that we are in a position to deliver your paper within the given deadline.

- Our Customer Support team is always available to address every inquiry you have, ranging from technical issues to concerns about the company and the services we deliver.

- We stick to strict privacy policy, so information leakage is impossible.

Writers as our main asset

Unlike many other companies in the market, we never use writers with non-English-speaking backgrounds. We only hire highly qualified researchers who have undergone strict testing with us. You’ll be able to communicate with your writer during the entire time your product is being produced.

Best quality and best pricing

We don’t claim to be a cheap essay writing agency but we are proud of the price-and-quality correlation we provide. We deliver an incredibly valuable service and for the price we’re offering, it’s something that can really not just help you achieve good grades but also help you save a lot of time.
Approach our essay helper services as early as possible: the earlier you get our assistance, the earlier all your worries disappear. Stop worrying, start buying papers online with us now and make sure you get what you pay for with our help!